Where are your site visitors coming from? Which of your marketing channels has been the most effective at generating clicks and sales? Why do visitors not seem to be interacting with your homepage? The answer to all these vital questions lies in the analytics of your site.

Web analytics provide you with direct insight regarding how your site is performing and what customers are saying about your product or business. Analytics information of your site tells you which marketing channels to focus your resources on and how to improve your site to increase goal conversions.

Here are five reasons that show how web analytics can help grow your business:

1. Keyword Insight

Analytics provides insight into which words are the big drivers to your site. It also not only shows you how many people searched the term, but also if they are new or returning visitors and how long they stayed.

2. Customer Insight

With data that tells you what your customers are searching for, you can begin to understand who your customers are and how they behave. Armed with this information, you can begin to fine-tune your marketing efforts to target the exact segment of the market that’s right for your product.

3. Social insight

Analytics helps you identify the traffic coming to your site and the behavior of that traffic on your site. Also, you can see which social channels work best for your business. Again, more actionable information provided by analytics.

4. Page Quality

Page analytics can give you insight to how your site is helping users meet their needs, or if they are simply coming then going. This includes data on how each page on your site is performing by whether or not it is sending potential leads down the funnel to conversion.

5. Trends

Analytics are meant to help you see not only the differences in data from week to week, but also to let you see the trends over time. But make sure you’re not drawing conclusions too quickly. Ensure that with the trends and segmentation, you can find what is driving people to and away from your site.


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