So you’ve put up a shiny new website, hired an awesome designer, gotten a nice logo, completed the complimentary broadcast to all your friends on Facebook and Twitter to check out your brand new startup page so you’re good to go on marketing, right? Wrong.
The actual answer is ‘it depends’. If your goal is to get 40 visits and maybe a nice ‘I love your site!’ comment from one of your friends then, sure. But if you’re a startup with real ambition and lofty dreams then it’s time to talk real marketing with real results. The first questions you should be able to answer are: Do you have the right product? What sector of the market are you after? Where is your timeline? What are your goals? What about strategy? How much money have you budgeted?

Look into the foundation of any successful marketing strategy and you’ll find ‘Hardwork & Perseverance‘ written in bold. tweet

You might not realize it but you know a whole lot about online marketing already. Why? Because you get bombarded by it every second you spend online. Ads, social media, blogs, searches, promoted content, top content, recommendations, highlight-of-the-week, gadget-of-the-month, ‘what celebrity A did to celebrity B ‘, discussions, forums, the list goes on and on. Everywhere you go online, something is pointing you somewhere else, providing you with useful information about the world around you and that in a nutshell, is online marketing.
Online marketing as relates to startups and business is the use of the internet to drive conversions of a goal that ultimately positively influences the bottom-line of a business or individual. Driving conversions to a goal could be increasing or generating sales, getting more signups, increasing reach of services, getting more blog readers, generally anything that makes people perform an action that benefits you. Major marketing channels are:

  • Blogs
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc)
  • Websites
  • Paid ads/promoted content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Using the right mix of these channels and a bit of creatively thinking outside the box, you can discover the perfect online marketing strategy that works for you. Your next steps should be to open a new note on your computer and begin to write down the strategy for taking your business to the next level today. Need help? Feel free to send us an email for a free 30 minute consultation with Smokes, our in-house designer.



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